Who Is Adorn The Wicked?

Adorn The Wicked is an established NYC band that was conceived in 2012 by Kerry Wicked.u00a0 Their debut EP, Angels And Demons is in distribution by Distro KId on 150 major digital sites. Adorn The Wicked is in heavy rotation on several independent radio stations around the world. Adorn The Wicked already has plans to release their new EP, Such Strange Behavior. Adorn The Wickedu2019s sound is fresh and new with lots of classic rock to back it up.You donu2019t want to miss them live.

Meet Adorn The Wicked

Kerry Wicked

Lead Singer

Kerry Wicked released his first record at the age of 16. He studied performance at Berklee College of Music before leaving to do Broadway and tours across the United States and Europe. He was later signed to a major label. He eventually performed at OzFest where he opened for Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osborne, Godsmack, Robie Zombie, Sepultura, and other mega bands. Kerry has recorded music with Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones. In addition, he has performed live with Billy Idol, Van Morrison, James Cotton, Sugar Blue, and members of Billy Joel. Kerry has recently played with Frank Ferrer of Guns and Roses.